Resources for Educators

The resources included on this page are intended to provide trainings and other helpful information to educators and school administrators. These resources include information related to school and student safety, the educator discipline process, and identifying educator misconduct. This page is iterative and new materials may be added.


DISCLAIMER: Please note that the resources and information included on this page do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Arizona State Board of Education. The purpose of this page is to consolidate some of the numerous resources that are available to schools, educators, and school administrators and may be considered helpful professional development to promote the safety of students and schools. 


These trainings are provided free of charge by the Board and other organizations to provide helpful information to educators and school administrators.

Handouts & Articles

The handouts and articles included below may provide helpful information for educators and school administrators.

Paid Training

These include some of the available resources that schools, districts, and or individuals may elect to purchase to support their training and professional development. The Board does not require, vet, or endorse these trainings but includes them as some of the options available for educators.