Seizure Training

With the passage of SB1654 in 2022, school personnel and school nurses who are employed at a school that has received a seizure management plan from a parent must complete training approved by the Board. By September 1, 2023, each public school must have one employee, other than the school nurse, be trained in administering or assisting in administering seizure management medication or care.

The Board approved the free training provided by the Epilepsy Foundation for both school personnel and school nurses.

Schools that are seeking to provide training other than that provided by the Epilepsy Foundation may submit their training information to the Board for review by a committee. The turnaround time for review and approval of personalized trainings will vary based on the committee’s capacity. As such, schools seeking to use personalized training should plan accordingly. Please be advised that the Board does not meeting in July and November.

Individuals seeking to submit personalized training may submit their documentation, and the required Intake Form below, to 1700 W Washington Suite 300 Phoenix, AZ 85007 or [email protected].


Submission of Personalized Training

The flowchart below outlines the steps to expect regarding evaluating personalized training. Evaluation of the personalized training packet can take a month. Furthermore, consult the Review Guidelines below if choosing to create personalized training. These documents represent the tools used by the Evaluation Committee to evaluate submitted training packets. Fill out and submit the required Intake Form below with each submission.

Processing Flowchart

Training Review Guidelines for School Nurses

Training Review Guidelines Other School Personnel

Intake Form and Checklist

Additional Training and Resources

                Arizona Seizure Action Plan - Fillable pdf in Color

                Arizona Seizure Action Plan - In Color

                Arizona Seizure Action Plan - Black and White


Legal References

Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.)  §15-160.02

Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) R7-2-811


2024 Rulemaking

Public Hearing Instructions

Public Hearing Notice

Rule Draft