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Sex Education Certification of Compliance

At the September 27, 2021 Meeting, the Board updated sex education rules as the result of HB 2035. Due to the changes to rule and statute, all local education agencies (LEAs) that offer sex education courses or lessons must submit a certificate of compliance, using the template below, to the Board via email at [email protected] OR to 1700 W Washington St, Executive Tower Suite #300, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. 

The deadline to submit the certificate is December 15, 2021. LEAs should submit one certificate for all of their schools. LEAs that do not offer sex education courses or lessons are not required to submit a certificate. 

 Certification of Compliance Template_2021.pdf

 Certification of Compliance Template_2021.docx

 R7-2-303 Sex Education


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Petition for Criminal History Review

SBE Instructions and Process for Petition to Review Criminal History